• Sabrina Azadi

It’s Written in the Bag

Fontem Handbags Combine the Love of the Written Word with Bespoke Leather Creations

I found Fontem by chance. Somewhere between the timeless design, the fact that I could add my favorite quote to the lining of the bags and the Italian leather we “zinged” instantly.

Luxurious handbags and the written word make an unusual pairing. Yet that’s exactly what Fontem celebrates, timeless leather bags with your own message or a beloved quote, printed inside the lining of your bag—for your eyes only.

“Romantics take heed, each time you open your handbag, it feels like you’re opening a love letter—even if it’s to yourself.”


My Fontem clutch with my own quote “Diamonds are for people, pearls for myself” printed inside. It’s something I made up, that makes me smile every time I open my clutch.

A Handbag with a Unique Voice

What’s also unique about Fontem is that the handbags are created by hand at Maayan Hotam’s studio right here in Southern California. And each style is named after a female writer. After carrying her clutches inscribed with my own quotes (something I made up which makes me smile every time I see it now) I wanted to tell everyone about a brand with a soul; that’s so much more than just another handbag line. 

“Yours could be inscribed with a stanza from a favorite poem, an inspiring quote, a passage from a book or a note you’d like to give a loved one—think of it as a modern keepsake.”


Rarely does a designer have the ability to personally create what they imagine; but Maayan Hotam the founder, designer and artisan of Fontem, does it all. Trained in Florence, Italy, she meticulously crafts each handbag with her own hands using the finest Italian leathers and exquisite findings all encased around a heartfelt message.