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Birthday Love and a Gift to Last

Birthdays—arrive before we know it and sooner than expected. We’re usually unprepared for them regardless of who’s birthday we’re celebrating. There’s a wonderful feeling of satisfaction that comes with finding a unique birthday gift. Not only does it show you took the time to find something meaningful but reveals something about you; the gift bearer. This is especially true for birthdays with a zero at the end that mark a significant milestone.

What do you give a loved one with a birthday coming up? What do you give someone that has everything? How do you find a meaningful gift? What can you give your mom, sister, daughter or friend that you’ll know she’ll love—and use? Where can you find something personalized, unique and hand-crafted? Thankfully we have the answer.

“A one of a kind gift, to be carried and cherished. Opening each handmade Fontem handbag, inscribed with a birthday message is like opening a birthday gift—every time you open your bag.”

﹣Maayan Hotam, Founder of Fontem

Celebrating our cycle around the sun—365 days, 8,760 hours may seem commonplace now, but we owe it to the Pagans that marked this symbolic occasion to keep evil spirits at bay, and the birthday candles that we blow out on cakes are believed to have originated with the Ancient Greeks that honored the Goddess Artemis. Fast forward to today and we’re always looking for ingenious ways to create memories and connect.

“Gift giving is ingrained in our DNA and a vital part of our survival, it makes us feel good to give, a way to show our love—and in turn makes the receiver want to reciprocate that feeling.”

﹣Maayan Hotam, Founder of Fontem

To mark this auspicious world-wide tradition, we’ve picked some of our favorite birthday quotes from famous writers and people we admire and we’ve selected some birthday messages from sentimental, to funny and cute— that can be inscribed inside Fontem’s custom handmade handbags.

These birthday messages can be enjoyed day after day and read—year after year. Choose a message and simply sign your name—with love.